Sixteen months ago, I was suffering from severe sinusitis and asthma and, while I was not overweight I was not in good physical shape.  Add to that my work schedule was very sporadic traveling a fair amount.  I was determined to get physically fit to battle my health issues. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Joey. His methodology and experience in physical fitness matched my desires perfectly. He helped me to establish realistic exercise goals gave advice on nutrition and was sensitive and caring regarding my periodic and sometimes frequent flare-ups! Over the past year with Joey’s guidance, expertise, encouragement, and patience, I have been reaching my fitness goals. I ran a 5k, lost excess body fat and feel so much better. I have also gained balance and strength in my legs, back, and arms. As we have worked together my fitness objectives have been changing and I so appreciate Joey’s support and flexibility in helping me reach those new goals!

-Angela G., Moorpark California 


I will be playing NCAA Division One Golf this coming Fall and Joey has been working with me on my flexibility, strength, mobility and overall holistic fitness.  He designs interesting and challenging workouts for me each time that are very well thought out and customized.  He has a perfect mix of motivation and drive that he shares with me each workout.  He is genuinely interested in how my training is translating into improvements in my golf game.  I have never felt better on the course and am hitting the ball longer and feeler much better on the back nine.  My parents have known Joey 20+ years and we strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to engage in a thoughtful, long-term improvement in their overall fitness and health or for athletes looking to take their game to the highest levels.    

-Pete Griffith, Westlake Village, California


My walking buddy started working out with Joey and was walking less with me, so I decided to join her and Joey in a workout program.  Being a very senior citizen, I was very concerned whether Joey would adapt to my age and medical limitations. He certainly did and continues to help improve strength and balance.  Joey relates and understands a clients goals and aspirations and does not impose his on you and is a delight to work with.

– Pat W., Thousand Oaks, California   


I have been working with Joey for over a year. I am thrilled with my results and our partnership. My goal was to become stronger and more fit. I have achieved both and I am not done yet! Joey helps me progress by providing me with diverse workouts that require my mind and body to adapt, by coaching me on my form to ensure I don’t injure myself and am efficient as I workout, and holding me accountable to a regular training schedule despite the difficulties of my hectic schedule as an executive at a publicly traded company. I look forward to continuing to become stronger and fit working with Joey in the future. I highly recommend Joey as a trainer for anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, committed partner in physical training/development.

– Kevin Doohan, Oak Park, California 



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